Love's Got Me

Love's got me Lord Knows I'm under your spell
Love's got me I can tell I can tell
Love's got me and I just wanna love you more and more
Love's got me I can tell I can tell
Knew it was my lucky day
that day when you came my way
before we knew it love started to grow
Spark of love became a burning flame
burning higher and higher everyday
say you will never go away
please don't take your love away from me
never ever felt like this before
We'll be together 'till the end of time
making each other feel so fine
maybe one day we will find a place
a place where we'll be all alone
and maybe we can call it home sweet home
believe in me forever sure
just a single day without you girl
is like the grass without the morning dew
(Chorus & repeat verse 1)

Composed by R. Benvenuta and A. Simpson
Mixed by Culture Cat and Thomas Exner
Recorded and mixed at Black Star Studio, Iserlohn

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